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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Man In The Mirror

I've ALWAYS been a top 40 girl when it comes to music. While a lot of people I know have a much deeper sense of music than me, tune into a top 40 song and I'll almost ALWAYS know the hook.
When I first caught news of MJ's passing yesterday afternoon my jaw was dropped. It's not that I was surprised...I mean, the man has been frail and virtually on his death bed for years.
But it's Michael Jackson.
As crazy as this sounds, the man almost seemed like an entity. Unfortunately, the entity that was Michael Jackson was human. Humans are mortal, and now he's gone.
I feel like the world is pretty damn lucky that he left his music behind...for all of us to jam out to. I mean, could probably listen to MJ all day long and continuously find yourself bopping your head to an awesome guitar riff or a mind blowing beat.
Yes, the man made a million poor choices. Yes, the man was pretty far out there. One thing that cannot be forgotten is his musical genius. As many have already put it, I'm mourning what he was twenty years ago....and not necessarily the man he was in the end.
RIP in peace.


  1. Isn't that so true? You can listen to Michael endlessly and it's ALWAYS good. Always.

  2. I completely agree. His music takes me back to my early teen years. Timeless.