Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I refuse to allow a dark cloud to rain on my life. In lieu of more layoffs announced at work, I'm going to fill y'all in on some exciting things I'm looking forward to in the near future (I can tell you're chomping at the bit too...don't kid yourself)

1) Getting my bike back! (YAHOO) I've recently started biking quite a bit in my free time. However, a blown inner-tube and a much needed tune up has caused me to live sans-my bike for the better part of the past week. I should be able to pick it up nice and early Saturday morning...and I'm SOOO EXCITED!

2) Fun Fest. What is Fun Fest? It's a little get-together I helped put together for my high school graduating class. I organized the location, and even got us a few drink specials! We're going to be spending our Saturday afternoon soaking up the sun, catching up with one another and drinking cheap beer...and IT'S NOT GOING TO BE BECAUSE OF A FUNERAL. Yeah, I'm super stoked. So much so that I'm planning on making this a yearly gathering.

3) Softball Playoffs. If you don't already know, I've played on (pretty much) the coolest co-ed softball team in the state of Minnesota for the past 5+(?) years. The only area our team needs improving on is play-off success. This year, we've actually made it to the SECOND ROUND! WHOOP WHOOP! Don't get me wrong, we always finish first in the "fun" and "most beer consumed before, during and after the game" departments. Hopefully I'll come home tonight with a Championship T-Shirt (and if we do, I promise I'll take a pic of me WEARING IT and share it with the three of you who read this...Again, please contain your excitement).

4) The lack of technology in my life. Yes, you read that right...I'm actually excited about NOT having cable and a queue of DVR programs waiting for me at home. It has made my life so much more peaceful and enjoyable. Maybe it's the fact that I won't be shelling out little man's college fun for the sake of television that's making me happy..I can't be too sure.

5) Meeting for coffee. An awesome person is in town this week and I am so lucky that she has time to meet me for coffee. Maybe I'm excited because it feels good to be asked to meet for something simple and delightful like coffee. Maybe I'm excited because she rocks. Either way, I'm you should be too (hehe).

Hope today finds all of my Internet friends well.


  1. I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL, with the little boy who's too excited to sleep....ha. Your title reminded me, cheers!

  2. Chelsea - Ha! That's exactly what I was going for!!! Glad someone else recognized it :) Thanks for the comment too!

  3. I hope your job is ok Stacy!

    Bike riding is a lot of fun (as long as it doesnt involve hills) and I basically quit watching tv several months ago now. One of the best decisions I've made in a long time. Now I read, call a friend, or just sit outside with a beer and my dog watching the sun set. Kudos to you!