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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrunch Face

Not a whole lot to say today....

Funny thing though, I discovered something new about little man. He has an "honest face." It's really entertaining. I discovered this face when I asked him a question, and while responding, he scrunched his eyes and gave me an answer. When I asked an adult who would've known the correct answer, she said the same thing as little man...

It's an amusing tell...and I'll be the first to admit how much and how quickly little man is growing up.


  1. But, what was the question? ;)

  2. Me: "Are you going to be good at daycare today?"

    LM: (scrunch face "Um, sure, yeah. I won't bite."

    Me: "Who said anything about biting? Is someone at daycare biting?"

    LM: (scrunch face)"Um Andrew* bites...."

    Me: "Oh yeah? Well he's younger than you..just stay away from him sweetie."

    LM: (scrunch face) "And Micheal* scratches"

    Me: "Well, he's younger than you too...just stay away from them if they aren't going to be nice."

    *Names changed to protect the guilty parties annonymity