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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sobering Moment

Have you ever tried calling up friends and family on a Saturday afternoon, only to be met with:
1)going into people's voicemail.
2)being told they already had plans.

This is the story of my single life almost every weekend. I've successfully planned a party here and there...but most nights I am left with a singleton solitude that can only be empathized by those who are single parents..and whose friends are almost all in serious relationships sans children.

"Quit your bitchin' and do something about it then! Find new people to hang out with! Find other parents to hang out with!" thoughts exactly...except it's not as easy as you would hope or imagine it to be.

Why? Well....first off, the people that I used to turn to for fun random nights out are good people. 90% of the time I have a lot of fun with them. Call me selfish, but I'm not ready nor am I willing to stop associating myself with these people. Besides, I can't hold a grudge against my friends for not having children with me, and for having a normal unmarried/married with out kids twenty something social life.
Second of all, socializing with other parents is tough for me. Most parents I encounter are married, and a few years older than me. I feel as if they judge me for being a young, single parent. It's quite pathetic on my part, really. I suppose our commonality will always be the kids...

Any suggestions on how I can:
Suck less at life?
Spark up convo's with the married, more responsible parents?
Find a man crazy enough to date me?

Here are the steps I have taken:
Cancelled cable which has forced me to become more of a "housewife" and less of a slug on the couch.
Sucked "being single" up, and have done my best to enjoy little man...over the weekend we indulged in old fashioned car watching, swimming, plus dinner and a movie.
Hosted a bbq which forced me to clean, organize and plan (which is more time consuming than one would think!).

In a rather large nutshell...being single can be very sobering. Not necessarily bad, not necessarily good...just sobering.

CONTEST UPDATE! I will close the polls for the contest on Wednesday...and try to have a "results post" up by Friday.

I'm really not quite as lame as this post makes me out to be. I have a difficult time finding the right words to describe my feelings...and, on Saturday when all was said and done I had a lovely dinner and a movie night with little man, followed by some spontaneous last minute crafting with an amazing bride to be.


  1. Honestly, I would rather be single. I'm good at being single. If I cant find anyone to do anything with on a Saturday night, I do whatever I had planned anyway -- dinner and a movie, woohoo I can go where I want and see what I want; hanging out at the coffee shop, I can catch up on reading. Really being single isnt so bad.

  2. Hmmmm. Well, I admit that I've never been a single Mom but I have been the only single one in a sea of couples with kids and I know it's tough. All I can say is be happy with who you are right now. Being single can be very cool and fun.

    Everything will fall into place.

  3. Well, now obviously we know the grocery lists were related to your BBQ ;) You don't have to leave old friends just by making new ones...

    Also stop giving yourself a hard time! Just b/c they are married doesn't mean they are all responsible... ;)