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Monday, June 8, 2009

A Passage.

Hindsight is almost always 20-20 for me.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of getting together with old high school classmates. I graduated from high school a little more than a handful of years ago..and up until this past weekend, we had never attempted to get together for a reunion. Why? Beats me. I've heard different responses to this question...but I feel we haven't gotten together just because.

Not gonna lie...I was EXTREMELY apprehensive for the casual-happy-hour reunion. Maybe it was because I was the organizer. Maybe it was because I wasn't the most popular kid in the class. I feared the turnout would be slim. I feared that the people I felt awkward around seven years ago would revert me back to that time, and that I'd feel awkward and out of place all over again.

What happened this past Saturday was a complete and pleasant surprise. People showed up. Do I feel more should've shown up? Sure. But people were still there! We almost had two dozen in attendance. It was great!

I think a person would be on the verge of insanity if they didn't admit that kids in high school aren't kind. In fact, kids in high school are down-right cruel. However, on Saturday I didn't feel the least bit awkward. I was able to catch up, and slowly realized how much each and every person in attendance had grown up.

An English teacher my freshman year of high school constantly went ON and ON about experiencing passages during life. Graduation high school (passage). Getting married (passage). Living on your own (passage) get the picture. It's a mindset that (at the time) you think "yeah, yeah yeah..passage schmassage!" But it's amazing to look back and realize how much people grow as time passes.

I'm so thankful I was able to catch-up with a few familiar faces last weekend...hopefully next time, others will show up and more fun will be had!

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  1. Passages are pretty important. My 10 year reunion was last year but I didnt go. Actually we were supposed to have one but it all fizzled out. We had enough passages while we were in high school I think.