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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Times, Great Oldies.

Well kids, I didn't come home with the Championship T-shirt...but we SURE DID PLACE FIRST IN THE FUN FACTOR. We also had a great "Team America" moment after the game at the bar. When we arrived, we saw a rival team hanging out on the bar what did we do? We put all ten patio tables together and joined them! (this is why I love the team I play with...they're really cool people).

As I headed home from a great night, the realization of my stupidity began to overcome me. I had pulled a BRILLIANT move and locked my keys in my car (and totally gave myself an internal high-five when I realized it). Thankfully, other teammates are more on top of their game than me, and were generous enough to utilize their AAA for me!! After a few short minutes, my car was unlocked and I was free to go on my way.

....reason #13842987944 why I NEVER LOCK MY CAR.

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  1. This is the whole reason I keep my AAA membership. I have utilized the locksmith on many ocassions.