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Friday, July 25, 2008

Falling. PT. The Future.

Generally speaking, I'm not the biggest risk taker. I tend to follow a similar routine from week, to week (at home, at work, and on the weekends). This week felt different to me. I felt motivated to sway my schedule. I did some light cleaning on a work night (which I usually reserve for the weekends). I attempted a jog with a friend. I took the initiative to step outside of the box at work. I gained confidence in the work I was producing that I have not felt in a long time.
Today, I feel like I am going downhill, fast, without brakes.
I don't know why I feel this way. Maybe it's because I found out that during my confident moments this week, I unintentionally neglected a few small details (I tend to be a perfectionist, and get upset with myself easily if I make a mistake). Maybe it's because I almost fell flat on my face when I was dropping little man off at school. Maybe it's because it's raining.
The days seem to be flying by, and instead of me trying to make the best of this moment, I am wallowing in the fact that this moment is not the best. Ugh.
The point, is I don't know why, I just know


Little man's teacher told me she is ready to start potty training him. She wanted to check with me to see if I was ready to make the big switch to big boy undies. I am, but I am still unsure if he is. I would hate to set him up for failure. I want to see him succeed with flying colors. I know my baby bird has grown feathers, but is he really ready to fly without diapers? I'll be sure to let you know next week! Are you there laundry machine who costs an arm and a leg, it's me, the Potty Training Mom! :)


For a snippet of exciting news. I might have found a great guy via ewhatthehellwasithinkingharmony. We are in the final stages of "guided communication" the next step would be to meet for coffee. I wonder if he'll suggest we meet at a fast food joint like the last guy did! hahaha. (I'm glad I can laugh at myself!)

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  1. Read SOS on Reader. Why'd you take it down? Too much fallout?