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Monday, July 14, 2008


Lately (especially by mid-week) I arrive home to a kitchen that looks like the following:

As promised. The first edition of Clean Sweep Monday's (albeit a tid bit late on my behalf...lo ciento!)
I've been constantly faced with little to no counter space due to the fact that I have clutter overwhelming my life! Tonight, I made one small step towards ridding myself of this burden. My small kitchen may look like a disaster zone, but the counter tops and stove were clean..and were unfortunately littered with miscellaneous items (everywhere). I got down to business, and slowly but surely tackled the junk. I parted with items I knew I wouldn't need/use. I put away items in their correct spots. I cleared my counters of clutter. And.It.Felt.Great!
End results:

I really do love having a clean kitchen. It makes my heart smile! (and also makes me REALLY excited to cook!!)
Over the weekend, I also found a hidden treasure that was going to be thrown out. I can't decide if the best part of my discovery was that it was free, that it helps to hide my router/wires, or that it's something I've wanted for a long time, but hadn't had the audacity to spend money on it. I present you with my new wine rack!!!!! (sans the wine...Note to self: Pick up wine next time you're at the sucker store!!)


  1. Looks great! Was that one of those instances where you start cleaning and just can't stop? That happens to me. Love the wine rack, hope you get some wine for it soon.

  2. The compulsive organizer side of me died a little bit inside after seeing the first two pictures.

  3. I know's THAT BAD! lol :)