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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday's with Bleh

I really don't like Tuesdays. There's just something about them that makes me wish we had every Tuesday off of work.
Today, I have been barraged with tedious tasks that are beyond my control at work, various attitudes that I am misinterpreting, burdening thoughts of being a bad mom, added stress of trying to write a thought provoking essay about "Why I should receive a full ride scholarship to online college" and frustrated by three projects at work that need to be finished by yesterday. Do you think there's enough on my plate? Me neither ;)
I will either blame this day on PMS (which is plausible) or Tuesday. My vote goes for Tuesday!!

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  1. I seriously feel your pain! If you need ideas or help for your essay, let me know, I work in higher ed and help students write essays all the time. PS I'm still a super slacker...all your goodies are in the box...still at my house. I promise i'll send them off tomorrow! please don't hate me. :)