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Thursday, July 10, 2008


To skinny, tan, half-brained girls: If you are going to go to a bar to drink, do NOT ask the bartender if there is going to be Michelobe 64 (A 3:2 BEER!) on tap...Also, if out at a bar, do not look at said chubby girl (cough::me::cough) and tell her that you only ordered a 3:2 beer because "well, at the end of the night...I like to count my calories." If you strictly feel the need to fit in with your pretty-boy friends by counting the liquid calories you are consuming, maybe you shouldn't drink AT ALL. Reality check bizzo...Drinking isn't supposed to be about calorie counting. It's about social interaction and having a good time. Don't ruin it for people like me by acting like the poster child of an eating disorder.


  1. haha! And they probably just throw it up at the end of the night anyway...

  2. What's the point of drinking if you're going to be counting calories?? It's back-asswards I tell ya!

  3. oh.. I WISH some idiot came to me and said something retarded like that. I'd make mince meat of 'em. . . I might have a hot temper.