Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Growing Up.

Last night, I was informed by my son, that Special K cereal was too spicy. He's a riot. He knows what spicy means, he knows he doesn't like it. Apparently, he was trying to pull a quick one over on me.
I really think it's adorable to watch little man gain reasoning skills, and develope a personality all his own. He has also taken a liking to say "How bout, mama?" He sneaks this in wherever he can. "How bout dis way mama?" After I confirm it's alright, he does it his way, looks up at me and usually says "I do it :)" (with a big smile on his face).
These moments are precious, but I fear the day (which I'm sure will come all too soon) where he begins arguing with me, instead of being his cute toddler self. I can just picture it now:
"Little Man, we have to leave"
"Little man, DINNER TIME! :)"
"ewwww, I don't like chicken mom. I've told you a million times, I would rather have Spicy Special K's"
Growing up happens all too fast. I think I'll stick with the present, instead of fearing the future for the time being!