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Monday, July 21, 2008

A couple of Knights at the movies.

The theater. It can be so many things. A nightmare, a complete joy. Entertaining, or boring as all get-up. Pre little-man, I loved going to the theater. Post little-man, my trips are few and far between.
This past weekend, I was actually able to go to the theater TWICE :). I'm still on a bit of euphoric high from the entire experience.
Saturday, myself and a couple of girlfriends braved the crowds and saw The Dark Knight. One word. Amazing
Sunday, I got a hair up my bum and decided to try and beat the heat by taking little man to his first full feature film at "the big boy theater." He seemed very excited about the whole ordeal, but I knew he didn't fully comprehend what he was about to see or where I was about to take him. When we sat down inside the theater, he had the most precious look on his face. He was spending all of his energy taking in his surroundings. He even sat in his own seat (for about half of the movie) and then cuddled with mama for the remainder. I took him to Wall-E. I thought it was alright, but I could tell by the look on his face he thought it was the coolest thing since Cars.
It's so much fun to experience "firsts" with him. He's growing up so fast, I can hardly believe my eyes. My little man isn't so little anymore! :)
How was everyone's weekend? Did you get a chance to see Wall-E or (better yet) The Dark Knight?

CSM to come! :)


  1. I loved Wall-E and The Dark Knight. For different reasons obviously. I thought Wall-E's love story was so adorable. I'm just amazed at the story lines Pixar comes up with year after year. The Dark Knight was action-packed and very exciting. Great movie!

  2. Haven't seen the movie (I have a little one as well) but it sounds really good. Glad you got a chance to get away and catch a flik. My little man is only 3 months old, so not too sure I could sneak away... JUST yet. Hey, and thanks for joining Dear Abby. Hope you got a lot of advice :D