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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Friday Friday Friday. Just about the only thing I've enjoyed lately is going to my job. It still manages to provide a safe environment for me. I am so thankful.
Work has been a bit chaotic...but I've come to recognize it as a peaceful chaos. In past positions, I found myself getting easily bored. In this position, there is always something new that is thrown my way. A new challenge I can take head on. People asking me their opinion, and me reaching out to get their opinions. It is a place of professionalism. It is a place I am not ashamed to call my second home.
At the office, we're sometimes very similar to a big family. We share laughs together. We get serious when we need to be. We sometimes fault and talk about one another...but the maliciousness passes faster than it lasts (thank god for that!). The camaraderie surmounts most offices I've come across.
Even though the past week (give or take) has thrown me its curve balls, I believe all things happen for a reason. I believe my reason for finding this office was to give me hope for my future (particularly my professional one).
One thing I've learned the hard way in the past year and a half, is you can't control everything in life. What life's lesson's has reminded me of is what I do have control over. I'm glad work has given me something to be positive about....
Please excuse the lack of coherency in this post. I really have had a long week...and I'm writing this WAY past my bedtime!
Happy Friday!

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  1. I had a long week too. Must be something in the air. Happy Friday, and weekend.