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Monday, February 9, 2009

Radio Flyer

Rewind to last Wednesday: It was the usual boring commute into work. Traffic was moving, no complaints there. I found myself listening to the radio, dancing to whatever jam was playing at the time. The morning show returned and they started talking about inviting single people to the station to talk with Gary Spivey. Apparently, Mr. Spivey is some renowned psychic, of which people pay big bucks to talk with.
Being single, and having a rocky year in the life of dating, I wanted to call just as much as I didn't want to call. Who wouldn't want free dating advice from someone who can apparently see the future? At the same time, why would I want personal information spewed into the ears of thousands of strangers...let alone people I KNOW who might listen to the radio.
After having this conversation with myself (out loud, of course) I decided I was going to call the radio station. Once. If the call did or did not go through, I was alright with it. I dialed in, and the phone rang. The station answered. I gave them a brief synopsis of my horrible online dating history..and before I knew it I was on the air speaking with the morning show, telling them why I needed an Extreme Love Makeover.

Fast Forward to this morning:
I had to be to the station by 6:45am. This meant I had to wake up, make myself look presentable, get little man to daycare, and fight traffic....It was early, but I did it. I arrived at the station on-time..and before I knew it, found myself in the radio station speaking with the infamous morning show and Gary Spivey.
I learned a few things about myself, and it was a fun experience all in all. Am I a huge fan of clairvoyance? Not necessarily. Did I hear some things from Mr. Spivey that made sense? Of course. Would I pay for a psychic reading in the future? Unlikely.

Fast Fast Forward to a few seconds ago:
I've been listening to the radio all day (which I don't normally do...I usually get too distracted and irritated that they play the same five songs OVER and OVER's quite nauseating). They have another contest going on...It's basically the memory game. There's a memory board numbered 1-40. You pick two numbers, and each number is assigned a vacation. If you guess two numbers, and they are matching trips, you win that trip. Kind of cool, right? No I didn't win a trip..but I tried calling in just to see if I'd get through, AND I DID! My guilty conscious made me hang up the phone before someone answered. I think 2009 is the year for me to enter contests on the radio. Getting through four times in two months is pretty crazy, especially considering I've gotten through on the first try every single time!!


  1. Haha, that is awesome. My mom used to be able to win anything on the radio. Can't wait to hear what he said...

  2. DUUUUUUUUUUDE. I wish I'd known it'd be this morning!I would have listened! You didn't bring it up!!!! I'm so curious. I love that stuff.

    Also....your abilities to get through are insane. And you should have taken the deserve it.