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Friday, February 13, 2009

Coffee Talk

I received a book on my birthday. Over the years, I haven't been the biggest book worm, but lately, I've found myself reading more and more.
After cracking the spine on my new book-of-knowledge, I was enlightened to learn that I "needed" to dedicate one night a week to myself (if you guessed the book was about "finding love" you are absolutely correct).
Since I'm a girl who won't knock it 'till I try it, I scheduled a sitter to come over for a few hours after little man was in bed, and took off to the nearest coffee shop (with a different book in hand).
It's been years since I've spent any length of time in a coffee shop. Honestly, the last time I spent time in a coffee shop was back when Mark and I were dating (I'd say about five to six years ago).
I wanted to find a fun little nook that was hipster, quiet and comfortable. What I found out when searching for such place is that it doesn't exist...and if it DOES exist, it closes at 6. Being that I wasn't leaving my house until 8, my dream coffee shop utopia was out of the I decided to give-in and go to a caribou. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with caribou...I just wanted to find a place that was small, and non-corporate.
What I discovered completely shocked me. The first caribou I drove by was PACKED with people. Not a single table was open. I continued on my mission and landed at a different caribou, just down the road from my house. There were only about four people lounging. I ordered myself a black coffee, saddled up to a table, cracked open my book, and enjoyed myself.
There's something about reverting back to the days before kids that is so invigorating. Last night was the first time I went out, and didn't feel burdened by the fact that I had a toddler at home. I didn't feel ashamed of being a single mom. I felt good. I felt on top of my game. I was happy for my independence, and equally excited that I had an almost three year old boy to go home to. My life is sweet. I'm a pretty lucky person!

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  1. I thought about you last night and wondered if you found your coffee shop. I am still completely unconvinced that there aren't some independent shops around you somewhere. We have a handful in my area here in the middle no nowhere. LOL. I am glad that you had a wonderful time. What book are you reading?