Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it half full?

Half full or half empty. How do you view your glass?

Growing up, I always saw my glass as half full. I was the annoying "life is beautiful" kid who had a smile plastered to her face 24/7 and would walk up to complete strangers and say "Hi, do you want to be my friend?" People were caught off guard by my optimistic energy.

The funny thing about me (and I think most people) is we all have moments of optimism and pessimism. It's almost as if living life requires you to ride a mandatory roller coaster Called: Pessimistic Optimism. I don't care who you are, I highly doubt you've maintained an optimistic attitude your entire life. If so, let me know who your dealer is. Why do I know being %100 optimistic is not possible? Because you're talking to the queen of optimism, and even I've had moments of pessimism mixed into my world.

Take for example yesterday. In the morning, I was so happy and optimistic about my day. Little man was in a great mood, and I had nothing to complain about. Enter 3:55pm. I receive an email from a friend telling me some unsettling news. Hello pessimism! How ya been? Then, on my way home from work, speak with my mom who in-turn left me feeling so frustrated that I could hardly speak. I called a great friend, who reminded me to grasp back onto my optimism..which is exactly what I did.

Yes, the events of yesterday might sound a bit manic...but at the same time, life is manic. You're faced with great news, tough news, frustrating news, and news that makes you want to jump for joy.

So...I ask you again....Is your glass half full or half empty today?


  1. Lately...half full I suppose. I'm typically more half empty...I consider it being a realist more than a pessimist. :)
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I consider myself to be real, a combo of both optimisim and pessimisim.

    As for the glass being half full or half empty -- depends on whats in it, if its beer I dont worry about it & just drink it down. =)

  3. Definitely half full. I tend to get down on myself so if I don't make an effort? I'd be sad a lot.

    So I work on the happy all the time.