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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Bad Dream

Today I took little man to his 3-year check-up. The only appointment available with his doctor anytime near his third birthday was today, at 2pm. Haven't these medical professionals heard of a nap? Ha. Nope!

That being said, after being woken from a fifteen minute nap, I had a terror child on my hand. He was horrible at the doctors office unless specific attention was being paid to him. At one point, I asked his doctor if he was short toddlers, or could use to have an extra toddler around to which he replied "been there, done that!" Thanks Dr. B. Thanks. of my main concerns I brought to the table was little man waking up around two hours after going to bed, acting super uncomfortable, whining, inconsolable. I had looked up this issue in one of my mommy toddler guides, and was told his behavior COULD be contributed to abuse. WTF??
The doctor told me his behaviors were classic of night terrors. My immediate reaction was "great" thought in the most sarcastic way possible, however, it's better than the books diagnosis...

I remember suffering from what I will now recognize as a night terror. It was horrible. I was convinced a shadow close to my bedroom door was a man, crouching, waiting to enter my bedroom and rob me of all of my belongings and attack me. I screamed, and was horrified. The shadow seemed so real to me. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

Do you know anyone who has experienced night terrors? Have you experienced them yourself?


  1. I think that I was a typical little kid and afraid that someone or something was under my bed.

    But I remember watching my first horror movie when I was around 10. It was the single most terrifying night of my life. I had nightmares all night and made my Dad sleep with me. Even the morning was terrifying.

  2. I've never had night terrors like that. I used to be afraid of things though. Ok, so I still am afraid of things. Why I dont like to watch scary movies.

  3. I've never had a night terror. Nightmares seem bad enough. Poor little man.