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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lets get WILD!

I went out in public last night without a toddler (yes, you guessed it, I left him in the car with the window cracked JUST a little...I mean, it's really cold out, I wouldn't want him totally freeze out! hehe, jk). But yes. Me. Out. In public. Sans little man. I was SUPER excited.

I was invited by a friend to go to the Wild game. As it turns out, a lot of people I knew were at the game too. I happened to randomly run into two co-workers, my uncle, and two friends. Kinda weird considering. Even more bizarre that they were all sitting in the same section as us.

ANYWHO. As we were sitting in our seats, I decided to share a story. I was telling the three people I was with about my most recent radio call-in experience. I'll fill you in on the deets a bit later. As I was telling the story, I realized how difficult it is to talk with a group at a sporting event. At a hockey game, there's no music while the game is in play. However, the second play stops, the BLAST something really loud. So loud, it's almost as if they're telling you to STOP TALKING NOW AND WATCH THE GAME.

What did I do because of this? I decided to talk loud during my entire story, just to make sure my friends heard what I was saying, and to spare repeating myself. I only noticed how loud I was actually talking towards the end of my story....the people three rows in front of me kept turning around to see who the loud-talker was. Yup. It was ME! :) I felt embarrassed for all of two seconds, then finished my story, and continued watching the game.

p.s. The Wild won. It was a FANTASTIC game. I'm so happy I was able to go!!!

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  1. Hockey games are SO fun. My parents have season tickets to the Aeros which is the Wild's minor league team, so I go several times a season when I go home.