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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi!! (see, I'm not a TOTAL hippocrate)

Spring softball starts in ten days people. Did I mention it was a balmy 45 degrees Fahrenheit today, with winds at 15-20mph? For those of you who don't know, that translates to EFFING COLD for this time of the year. Weather like this is ALMOST worse than zero degree days...Almost.

If you're a softball aficionado, you will empathize with my disdain for playing when it's below 60. The bat usually stings like a Mo Fo. You find your nose running faster than you can run the bases.

It's rough.

However, if you've had the fortune to play on my team, you'd understand why we brave the chilly spring weather. The softball team I'm on...kicks butt. We might not have the highest runs tallied, but we beat everyone in the fun department. We have beer on hand, and laughs are usually shared around.

And our uniforms? They are as patriotic as you can get, and HIGHLY resemble the American flag...don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!

What's that crazy thing he is wearing? Oh yeah! The strikeout skirt! We're that hilarious!! :)

Long story short....I want to ask you to De-Lurk yourself. I'm not sure who everyone is, but I'd love if you stopped by and said hello! Taking a page from the books of Team America....


  1. Yeah, thats entirely way too cold for playing outside, even if beer is involved.

  2. Oh softball. I love it too, but haven't played in many years (besides playing catch and going to the cages with the hubby). Hope you have fun - it'll warm up soon!