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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fears mixed with Hope.

I fear tomorrow will be no different than today
I fear our economy will continue to dissolve before our very eyes
I fear Obama will be blamed for circumstances beyond his control
I fear my son will not have the life I was afforded; Not have the freedom of speech, the safety of playing outside or walking to school, and have limited food/nourishment options
I fear I will not be with my current company, and that my current company will close its doors
I fear my health will fail
I fear my son's health will fail
I fear for what tomorrow may bring
I fear.

I hope today will be the start of a new wave of American enthusiasm
I hope my fears of the unknown economic state of our nation will subside
I hope Obama rocks our country in a way no other person has before
I hope my son will be able to have the life I've been fortunate to have; freedom of speech, the safety to play outside and walk to school, and fun options for food (be it home-cooked meals or going out to eat)
I hope I will still be working for my current company for many years to come
I hope I will maintain my health
I hope my son will stay healthy
I hope for a better tomorrow, while I continue to enjoy today
I hope.

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