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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ode to Laughter

Laughing. What's not to like?

With the weather and the economy sucking at life, laughter seems more difficult to come by these days. Not to mention other personal stressors that everyone I know seems to be facing...argh.

This got me thinking. How can I make myself smile when life seems so depressing? I'll tell ya how...I turn to my never fail favorite humor blogs, that's how!

I don't know how Chris does it. Everyday he posts something that makes me chuckle...sometimes even belly laugh, and even once he had me laughing so hard I was in tears. I'm glad he doesn't charge to read his blog...but I know he could!

is another talented man-blogger that has a knack for making me laugh. I honestly don't know where he comes up with his content either. Every day, he rarely lets me down!

I'd be surprised if you aren't reading, or haven't heard about SO@24. His honest take on starting his life over after dating the same girl for over a handful of years makes you laugh and cry...and his writing allows a single person (cough::me::cough) to empathize and remember that although being single feels lonely, there's always room to laugh at yourself or the silly situations that being single presents you with.

There ya go. Three tasty treats on the net that never fail to make me smile. Do you have any funny favorites?

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  1. Thanks I love learning about blogs I should be reading!