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Monday, January 26, 2009

Life sure can be amazing.

Today, life was good. Today, my parenting skills reached a new level. For today, this day, January 26th of 2009, little man NOT ONLY fetched a roll of toilet paper on his own...but actually learned how to put the toilet paper in the holder the right way....with the flap coming over the top. am a proud mama.

Wrong way:

Right way:


  1. You know, for the first 20 something odd years I never cared. Then apparently I learned the right way. I actually look at toilet paper rolls now. It annoys me that I even pay attention.

  2. Now, you do realize that since he is male, this will likely be the last time he EVER replaces a roll of TP?

  3. Mandy - HA! I hear ya girl!!

    Sky Girl - Not if THIS MAMA has anything to say about it ;)

  4. Apparently most people really care which way their toilet paper goes on the holder, but it's made any difference to me. I put it on whichever way happens to be convenient for how i'm holding the roll at the time.

    I don't even notice a difference when I'm pulling the tp off. Weird. I wonder if I'll eventually start to care like Mandy did. I'm 28, so there are a lot of years left for this to become an issue for me!

  5. I still can't decide which way I prefer.

  6. Umm I'm 21 and I still have trouble figuring that out. Is that bad?