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Friday, March 26, 2010

I Did It.

Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.

I tend to be fairly spontaneous in life. Earlier this week, I decided it was time for me to high tail it back to school. I think I'm officially crazy.

The program I found would fit my schedule (read:online courses only).

I took the leap, submitted my application, and now it's just a waiting game. My biggest fear is getting turned down for financial aid (read: CRAPTASTIC credit).

I'm doing my best, and my best is all I can do. I'm happy. I'm excited. I'm scared as hell. I'm giddy.

The waiting game has begun...Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! -K- Thnx.


  1. First things first, make sure you've completed your FAFSA ASAP if you haven't already.
    You can google some resources online that will help you estimate your EFC (the amount financial aid looks at to award you $$) and I think after you submit FAFSA they tell you what the number is immediately.

    The financial aid office has a lot of flexibility in assigning financial aid if you have unmet need, so it will be to your benefit to makes friends with the director (the front desk people likely will turn you away if you ask for more $$). Be sweet as you can, and make sure they know you personally and remember you. Kissing up in this situation cannot hurt!! After a while, bringing treats wouldn't hurt either (may come across stalkerish and creepy the first time you meet them). Also, as frustrating as the situation may be, never lose your cool, because they also have the same powers to not grant you money if you act ugly. (not saying you will, but working at a university, I see a lot of people get all worked up, and it ends up hurting them in the end.)

    Let me know if you need any help with the process. I know it'll be a little different in your state, but working at a university for nearly 10 years, I am pretty familiar with the financial aid process and the general bureaucracy that goes on. :) Good Luck!!!!!

  2. wow, thanks! I actually filled out and completed my FAFSA the second after I submitted my app, and if my FAFSA is accurrate I'll most likely qualify for a heft Pell Grant (YIPPEE). IDK, we'll see. I'm really optimistic but at the same time very nervous that someone or some THING from the past will rain on my parade!!! I'll be sure to message you if I have any questions!

  3. Wow, that's awesome! Good luck! :)