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Friday, March 12, 2010


I woke up this morning, and decided to treat myself and little man to breakfast (read: we had just returned home from vacation and I hadn't been to the store yet, and REFUSED to go to the store on an empty stomach).

Simultaneously, he was waking up and rubbing the craziness of the previous night from his eyes. Stretching out, waking up, he was preparing to go out into the world, free, happy, and content. He would be heading to the beach to bask in the sun. He would be going to work, followed by debauchery and good times.

When I have moments where I can escape from my reality and take a "vacation" I usually stop and think "wow, this is the life I want. This is the life for me" (read: I was a month from moving to NYC after a visit...but then I found out I was preggo).

Picking up and moving across the country has always felt glamorous to me. It is something I want to do, and might end up doing some day. Today, I guess I'll stay put. Looking at little man is reason enough for me to keep my roots grounded.

..if only I could get my thoughts of Him out of my head (read: hottie I exchanged a few words with while on vacay...). If only.

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