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Friday, March 5, 2010


Thanks for taking the time to read my previous post. It was pretty dark, but my motivation was stemmed from the thought/belief that by sharing what I have survived, maybe someone somewhere will hear my story and feel like they will survive through dark times too.


So...I'm FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY on vacation. It only took a bit of insanity for me to book this trip...but I did it, and right now I'm in Florida, soaking up the chilly sun...hitting up MLB Spring Training and being as much of a Jersey Chaser as I can possibly be! MWHAHAHAHAHA.

Of course little man had to come down with his first case of Strep Throat on Monday...ya know, just to make things interesting. He's on meds, and the timing actually worked out since he was able to take antibiotics for a few days before we took off.

If I get a moment I'll try to post a vacation update...but if I forget, I'll be thinking of you for the next week!

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