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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Kind Diet

I decided to extend my vacation by one day since my flight was due to arrive at midnight. While sitting at home, recovering from a great trip, I happened across Oprah.

She was discussing a documentary called Food Inc. Honestly, I didn't watch Oprah from start to finish, but what I did see completely moved me. I've heard about things that take place in terms of animal cruelty..but there's so much more to it than that. Needless to say, I rushed out that night and purchased Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet. I would highly recommend it. I'm not trying to stand on a soap box, I swear!!

I haven't consumed meat and have consumed extremely little dairy since this past Friday. I guess you could say I'm detoxing my body. I feel invigorated in the kitchen, and a sense of peace with every delicious meal I've eaten. I think it's a sense of pride knowing that not a single animal was harmed to fill up my stomach...and also a sense of pride knowing how good the food I've been putting in my body is for me.

I've never experienced a body detox before. With it being day 4 of my "detox", I think I'm doing alright. Not too much gas, but a little. Not too many sugar/meat cravings, but a little.

I've offered most of the food I've made to little man, but he's mostly scoffed at it. There was one instance when I made a sweet potato lentil stew that he took a bite and literally said "oh my gosh, I can't believe it. It's just so good!" but then a minute later told me he didn't want to heat because his heart didn't like it. So yeah. Does anyone know of any 4 year old-friendly vegetarian/vegan recipes??

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  1. I don't know a lot, but you could look into this cookbook
    It is supposed to have sneaky ways to add vegetables so your kids don't notice it. I've seen it as cheap as $7 or $8 on the clearance table at the bookstore.

    There's also one called the sneaky chef that does the same thing I think.