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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now THAT'S Customer Service!

The night after the crock pot foiled my dinner (read: it wasn't my crock pot's was MY fault! I digress) on my drive home from work the wheels in my head started spinning. What was I gonna do for dinner?!?!

I had the makings for chicken tikka masala...but I did NOT feel like 1) Cleaning my kitchen. 2) Cooking. 3) Cleaning my kitchen post cooking.

I asked little man what he wanted for dinner and he exclaimed he wanted to go to a restaurant.

Fast food sounded gross to me...and a restaurant sounded completely outside of my budget.

Then, a lightbulb went off inside of my head. I had received an email earlier in the day advertising for a $4.95 dinner buffet at one of my favorite local Indian spots....$4.95 is within my budget...and usually this place doesn't charge kids for their buffet...and even if they DID charge me for little man, it was only five bucks so whatev's.

Dinner was unreal.

The bill was 6 dollars.

It was the PERFECT follow up dinner to my foiled spaghetti sauce.

Boom. Boom. POW!

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  1. I was completely distracted mid-post writing..and just now realize that the whole point of this post was to include that the owner of this awesome restaurant gave little man a free dish of vanilla ice cream at the end of our meal.

    He went above and beyond. His kind gesture left little man (literally) jumping for joy, and a huge smile on my face.

    It's not everyday you experience awesome customer service...but boy what a difference it makes!