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Friday, December 4, 2009

This Just In...


What did I do?

I booked a VACATION! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!

This might not seem like big news to most...but to me, I am soo excited.

I haven't been on a true and tried vacation since BEFORE I was preggo with little man.

This will be a vacation of firsts:
First trip on an airplane for little man.
First time I'll be renting a car.
First time I'll be footing two hotel rooms (we're staying inland for half the trip and on the beach the second half of the trip).
First time little man will see the ocean.
First adult "tropical" vacation that I've planned....And yes, I live in Minnesota and consider Fort Myers FL to be a tropical place.

I'm extremely tempted to print out all of the directions to places I want to go to and see this VERY MOMENT...but I will refrain from doing so for a few weeks. Maybe.