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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too Good, or Not Good Enough

If I was asked to label myself as a pessimist or an optimist I would almost always declare myself an optimist..ya know, a glass half-full kinda gal.

While doing some laundry last weekend, I found myself with a mixture of both pessimism and optimism, and I can't decide what to do about it.

OF COURSE it has to do with my (lack-there-of) dating life.

What, exactly, was nagging me?


Whenever I talk to my friends about wanting to date they always respond with this fun tid-bit...."I don't know anyone I'd want to set you up with...none of the guys I know would be good enough for you to date." My friends are good people, with great morals...of course I (mostly) trust what they're saying.

...but then the little devil on my shoulder quietly whispers in my ear "really, YOU'RE the one not good enough for them! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I know, I know...I'm a good person. I do the best job I can with little man. I have a job (which is totally a bonus, considering I could milk the system and stay at home with little man...but my conscious would NEVER allow me to do that).... I'm also flawed.
I've got a minimum of 40lbs to lose. My face never seems to stay clear of blemishes (much like that of a 13 year old girl...grrr). My credit needs significant improving. When I PMS I am literally a biz-natch on wheels.

SO peeps...How can I come to a clear concise conclusion that I've yet to meet a guy good enough for me VERSUS me not being good enough for the guys I've met (and my friends have been too kind to actually say that to me).


  1. I don't play matchmaker. I had once set a friend up with a guy friend. He had no interest in her after a few dates and she blamed me, it hurt our friendship. After that, I retired from the business.

  2. I suppose playing matchmaker is tricky....I've done it before and when things didn't go as planned I was lucky enough that both of my friends did their best to leave me out of the mix...I guess that's not always the case! Sorry to hear you were stuck in the middle.

  3. I used to get that line all the time! I have nobody I'd set you up with, all the single guys I know are jerks. Well that's just great, damn it.

    But I never thought that maybe it was me. I believed them, that I was too goo for these guys. You should believe it too. But you should also tell your friends to stop hanging out with assholes already!

  4. As we both know, there are a LOT of assholes out there. Keep your chin up, or whatever, and love the single life. Things happen in their own time, and, like Tom Petty says, "waiting is the hardest part."

  5. Second Mandy's comment...second Doahleigh's comment.