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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The season of watery, itchy eyes and an equally uncomfortable nose is upon me. Late Summer allergy season. Gross.

The year of 2009 has brought me many new experiences, and Allergies.

It all started for me last spring. I don't know if it was my old age that finally did me in..but come spring time this year I felt like Hell had enveloped me for a solid week. My eyes were watering so severely that it looked as if I was crying.

I caved in and went to the doctor. Thankfully, I was given allergy medication (a nasal steroid {which always makes me chuckle when I say I'm on steroids} and an oral medication {which ALSO always makes me chuckle...I'm SOOO MATURE}).

I only took the meds for a couple of weeks, and slowly but surely was able to function normally without them.

and then BOOM! Last Friday rolls around and my symptoms were back! I knew a full blown allergy attack was upon me, but I played the denial card for a couple of days. I started taking my nose-roid on Saturday, and still haven't caved in and taken my oral (does that make you laugh too?? My maturity level revels that of a sixth grader).

All in all, I'm still surviving...but SERIOUSLY! Seasonal allergies blow goats.


  1. It's gotta be our "old" age. The same thing happened to me last August. Having never had any allergies before, suddenly boom - congestion and sneezing galore. It's not fair. :-(

  2. You think seasonal allergies are bad? Ugh I grew up giving myself two allergy shots a week because I was allergic to everything under the sun. Thankfully I've outgrown most of them. But you're right, allergies in any form do suck.