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Friday, August 14, 2009

Part Tres.

sky girl said...
Most embarrassing moment?

Hmmm....Wow, thinking back I've had MANY embarrassing moments. Not many have fun, elaborate stories behind them.

There was the time the kid I had a crush on was told so by a classmate when I was young...At the time, Wayne's World was a popular movie. The boy was told that I thought he was "hot, shawing" and then was told that's exactly what I said (which it WAS exactly what I said...but he didn't need to know that).

Then there was the time in high school when my pants ripped down my arse seem in the middle of an Emergency Medical Technician class I was in. Yeah...that did a great deal of help to my already suffering self esteem.

The classic "I have to go big stinky mom!" in the middle of a public place could almost be counted as embarrassing...but then I look at little man and I laugh, interpreting the situation as adorable instead of mortifying.

Sidebar: I taught little man to say "Hey Bachelors! Mama's single!"...When the day comes and he actually says that to a random guy walking down the street will most likely be the day I have my most embarrassing moment. I should definitely start thinking before I teach my son fun Toddler Tricks.

Strange at it may sound, it's quite a challenge to recount all of the embarrassing moments in my life. I tend to block things out of my memory, and embarrassing moments are high on the list of "just forget it and it will be like it NEVER HAPPENED!"

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  1. hee hee

    I can never really recall specific embarrassing moments either. None of mine make for good stories.