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Monday, August 17, 2009

Part Cuatro.

Emily said...
This sounds like fun... I might do it too. In the meantime:

What is one thing you take for granted in daily life that would make things impossible if it disappeared?

What's the best part of your day? The worst?

I think the one thing most people take for granted daily, myself included, is having a safe place to sleep at night, and food in their kitchen. It's the simplest luxury, and I know my life would be different if I was uncertain where my next meal would be coming from or if I would be able to find shelter come nighttime.

The best part of my day, without a doubt, is the morning time. Here's how it goes down. I typically set my alarm for 5:40-ish...and hit the five-minute snooze about four times. Sometimes, little man crawls into my bed around 5am, and snuggles in...Sometimes I get the pleasure of waking him up. Either way, the first time we see each other in the morning we both smile. It's lovely.

The worst part of my day is usually the car ride home from little man's daycare. I know his days are long, and he's a bit demanding in the seven minute car trip. My patience is intolerably low. It's quite unfortunate, but I'm thankful the ride is only seven minutes!!!

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