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Friday, August 7, 2009

Period. The end.

Of the few photographs taken of myself and little man together...this one is absolutely my favorite.

It was taken at the end of baseball season last year, on the actual metrodome field. I was sitting at home on a Sunday, and decided the two of us would go to a baseball game...just the two of us. No added adult to keep me company, just myself and my little man.

I was scared. I didn't know how I would manage to take a toddler to a game without an adult by my side to help me out. Yeah, I might sound like a huge baby, but between parking, getting to and from the ball field, watching the game...That's a lot for one person to handle, let alone one person WITH a toddler in tote.

Sundays are kid's day at the dome. We sat in the upper deck, and cheered for the Twins. We ate peanuts and hot dogs..and sipped on a root beer together. It was a perfect day, and it was just the two of us. After the game was over, the kids in attendance have an opportunity to "run the bases." OF COURSE little man was going to have that same opportunity, even though he was only 2!

Ya know, I don't even remember if the Twins won that day, but here's a few tidbits from that day that stand out strong in my mind:

1.) We survived the entire experience with a smile on our face.
2.) It was just the two of us...and it was still amazing.
3.) The smile on little man's face while running around the bases was PRICELESS (Although, I don't have a photo to prove it because mommy had to run with him because he was only two, and a bit be quite honest, I probably had just as much fun as he did..hehehe)

I never imagined I would be raising a child alone. It's a job I rarely get a break from.

No more running to the grocery store at 10pm for this chick.

Having to ask complete strangers to take your photo (as was the case in the picture above).

Trying to figure out if I can REALLY afford to go out because I have to weigh the cost of a babysitter into the cost of the movie, or the dinner tab.

I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again today. I'm in a great place. Yes, there are daily struggles that get me down. Yes, I have more stress in my life than I would like. All of those things cannot compare to the complete and absolute joy I am faced with every morning I get to wake up knowing my little man is loved...and knowing that my love for him CAN compare to the love that two parents would give to a child.

Period. The end....or is it just the beginning? I can't be too sure.

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