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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey peeps....I need a bit of input.

With recently cancelling cable, and loathing the digital reception of the local channels, I'm looking into subscribing to a movie service. The question? Which service should I go with, Netflix or Blockbuster???

Pros of Netflix:
It's well established
I know a few people that use it and like it
It's mostly affordable

Cons of Netflix:
They charge more for renting Blue Rays

Pros of Blockbuster:
They don't charge more for renting Blue Rays
For two dollars more a month I can exchange three movies in their store instead of having to wait for the mail
It's also mostly affordable

Cons of Blockbuster:
I don't know of many people who use it!!

Overall, I feel that either subscription will be reasonable for my budget. I thought about just sticking with RedBox, but they don't have the selection like Netflix and Blockbuster.

On average, I'm planning on renting about 8 movies a month (1/2 adult comedies, 1/2 kid-friendly family flicks).

Do you have any experience with either? Any words of wisdom, or helpful input? Anything at all??

Thanks for your help!

...and seriously...I'm still planning on revealing my contest winner...I suck. Period. The end.


  1. I've tried both Netflix and Blockbuster. I liked Netflix better. Being more established meant they had more movies and less wait times. Half the stuff I wanted from Blockbuster they just didn't have or had really long waits. Now, it may have gotten better in years, since they built it up, but that's my two cents.

    And you can watch Netflix online, I don't know if you can do that with Blockbuster...

  2. I dont use either, but I've heard better things about Netflix. I think the online streaming is a big bonus!

  3. I guess I should've mentioned that online streaming isn't on my priority list...only because I'm a cheap skate who can't afford to pay out my rear for the internet at home..hehehe

  4. I've had Netflix for 3 years now or so and I'm very happy with it - there are super quick ship times and they are very responsive to problems with the discs themselves. Plus, you can find your friends on there and get recommendations, etc, which is kind of a cool feature.

    I know the online streaming obviously doesn't apply right now but if you stick with it, you may want to use it in the future. And it's a pretty good deal - about half my Queue is available for instant viewing online.

  5. We've used Blockbuster for a long time and are happy with it. I'm sure we would like Netflix, too, but when we signed up, Blockbuster was cheaper for us (we rent two movies at a time).

    Never had any problem with service, wait times, selection or anything. Sure, some new releases may have a wait, but if you have a long enough queue, it's not a big deal to watch other things while you're waiting.

    We've had a few DVDs over the years not work, but you just send it back and get a replacement within three days. It's a bummer at the time, but we understand that when you're renting out that many movies to that many people, it's going to happen.

    In the end, I'd go with the most reasonable priced for you. And if Blu Ray is important (it is for us), then that should play a big role.

    Plus, you can always switch to the other if you're dissatisfied or your needs change.

  6. I like Netflix. I have this weird thing where I'm like, it was Netflix's idea first, and Blockbuster is just a copier, so I can't use them. I don't even know if that's true, but I've stuck with Netflix and haven't had any problems.