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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mom's Day

In a couple of weeks, Mother's day will be here. Yes, it's a commercial holiday...but a doggone important one! For some, it's a day where husbands buy their wife something special, let them sleep in, and even bring them breakfast in bed.

If I could ask for anything this coming Mother's day, it would be this:

There's a fat chance in (you know where) that I would ever actually receive something so beautiful. I fell in love with this piece over the holidays. The story behind the pendent involves hearts always being open. I think it's beautiful, both intellectually and aesthetically.

Instead, this is all I expect on Mom's day:

What I want and what I'm going to get are quite alright with me. While what I want costs money my little man does not have, what I am going to get from him is absolutely priceless.

**I'll be sure to post what I'm giving my Mom...It's kind of silly, but something I know she wants!**


  1. I think that necklace is beautiful as well and the story behind is lovely as well.

    Free hugs are always great!

  2. I'm hoping for Ferraro Rocher chocolates and some drawings.