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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morning Routines

A normal morning for me includes a handful of things:
1) Hitting my snooze until my alarm actually disables itself
2) Racing out the door telling Little Man "C'mon! Mama's going to be late...lets go super duper fast, alright?"
3) A morning telephone call to my mom after I've dropped Little Man off at daycare. It is one of two times during my week day where I am awake and can talk without a whiny three year old demanding my attention
4) Arrive at work 15-30 minutes early. Make coffee, check my email, read blogs, post a blog, sip on a fresh cup of joe
5) Start my workday promptly at 8

This morning, the traffic gods decided to eff with my mojo.

I sat on an on-ramp for a half an hour. Now, I hate to say this...but when I get stuck in standstill traffic I can only justify it with a human death. When I arrived at the end of the on-ramp, did I see blood and guts spattered about? Nope. I quickly realized this bumbled mess was all courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
Some funny person set the light timers for the on-ramp to go green at 30 SECOND INTERVALS! I'm not sure how familiar you are with traffic lights on on-ramps...but 30 seconds between EACH.GREEN.LIGHT is a loooooong time, and creates a mile long line that was completely unnecessary.

Dear Minnesota Department of Transportation,

I'm a responsible adult and I allot myself extra travel time to preform my morning ritual...and since you decided to muck with it, I will decide to take the mature route and I give you a "Thanks for effin up my morning" and a big shining middle finger.

Fix the stop light (I know you know THE ONE I am speaking of).

Thanks for sucking,

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