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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Part One.

A few months ago I was faced with an extreme amount of frustration brought on by a person I know house hunting. I was frustrated because this person makes less money than I do, and if I can't afford a house how could she?

When I looked at my own financial state of suck, I was mad at myself, but my brain didn't stop there. I reflected back on my parents, and on school. Both of which were not effective in teaching me fiscal responsibility. I surely could blame this partially on a teen age brain refusing to listen because MY GOD TEENAGERS KNOW EVERYTHING!

Here are the facts:
1) The most in depth convo I had with my parents about money was simple: "don't get a credit card. period. the end."
2) There wasn't a single course in high school or the like that entailed what it meant to be financially responsible, or lectures about the importance of building a savings account.
3) In college, my downward spiral started when I blew close to a grand (my graduation party money to be exact) during the first semester of college while simultaneously running a credit card up to close to 1,000 bucks. The beginning of my fiscal downward spiral.

To Be Continued...

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  1. My parents never really talked to me about finances, they just instilled a good fear of credit card debt in me and set me free. I hate those days when, despite two degrees and working hard, I have $50 in my bank account and feel like I am living paycheck to paycheck. I hear you.