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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ode to the Durse

You're big.
You can carry my load.
Every time I need to find something, you seem like a black hole.
You've made me feel secure outside of my comfort zone.
Most importantly, you've been there for me, through make-up blunders and dirty diapers.

As a 23 year old single mother, I had to come up with a creative resolution to carrying both a diaper bag AND a purse.

I've always had a love hate relationships with purses (doesn't that seem as if it should be purseai? Ya know, like syllabus::syllabai, HA! AS IF). I was rarely able to fit my necessities in the cute purses, but couldn't bring myself to buy a "bag."

I was stuck in the middle, and not liking it.

Then, little man came along and I'd be damned if I didn't leave the house stocked with baby supplies that could last me a week if need be. Enter, my Durse.

It wasn't sold in the baby section of target, but I refuse to call it a bag because I'm stubborn like that. It was fashionable and practical for me and my baby. If you are a new parent, don't waste your money on a diaper bag, just go straight for the durse. If you're a sexually active person, invest in a durse instead of another cute impractical me, it'll be worth it later ;)

Call me crazy. Call me inventive. Just don't call me a bag lady.


  1. Pic please! I have a huge bag that I could honestly use as an overnight bag need be that I carry as a purse. I <3 big bags.