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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Storage Room B

I've got a case of the Mundanes (obviously, pun intended). (if you were born before 1985, you should know where my references are from...if you were born AFTER 1985, then too bad for you! haha)

Today, I was speaking with a couple of coworkers, and the topic of being single without kids vs having kids came up in conversation. One coworker stated that it's frustrating for her to hang out with Moms because all they do is talk about their children. Is this the whole-hearted truth? I don't think so. At least not for this mama.

I took the time to reflect upon myself and how I interact with my friends. I share stories with them about the abuses I suffer at the hands of little man. I share moments I feel they might find comical. Maybe I'm a mom in denial. I refuse to believe I'm one of "those moms." The kind where it's little man this, and little man that. I also make an effort to ask about how their life is going, discuss current events including politics and sports as well as listen if they have things going on they need to vent about.

When I write, I definitely include little man stories, and frustrations...but my blog is personal, and I feel it's an outlet for me when I don't feel like burdening the people I know IRL. Meh.

I think I need to find my swingline, and move to a beach. Today, it feels like that's the only thing that will cure my case of the Mundanes. Have you seen my stapler?

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  1. I like little man stories! I like other stories too. Thats why I keep coming back. Oh and was that your stapler I threw against the office wall when my co-worker was annoying me, sorry!! :-)