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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sleep. It's definitely something I've taken for granted the past year since little man has been sleeping through the night. This week, to nobody's fault but my own, I've gone to bed past midnight two nights in a row. I think I'm losing my mind to the Overtired Monster!

You see, sleep and I have had a pretty solid relationship. We respect eachother. I respect it by normally going to bed at a decent time, and it respects me by recharging my battery for the next day. However, this week has been "challenging."

Tuesday, I spent my night frantically cleaning because Someone was coming over on Wednesday. Once I had my apartment under control, the clock had struck midnight. Last night, I had Someone over. To be quite frank, the time flew by and before we both knew it the clock had struck midnight.

Going on five hours of sleep never felt this exhausting! Maybe I'm just getting old.

The crazy thing is I can stay up late on the weekends...but I also don't have to focus for eight hours straight the next day.

Did I mention I talk aimlessly when I'm overtired? Fortunately Unfortunately, when I'm this tired, my language entails massive amounts of sailor vocab (which goes over really well with the VP's in the office).

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  1. Sleep is something that escapes me lately too. Could be my addiction to blogger or all the caffeine I consume. Isnt it crazy how our employers actually expect us to focus!! Really, we showed up, what more do they expect. =)