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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Have you seen my Baseball?

I love baseball. Really. I do. Tonight, I tuned into game seven of the series between Tampa and Boston...just as the top of the ninth was starting. No outs, Tampa (the home team) was up 3-1. They needed three outs to become the true Cinderella story of the MLB. Did I mention that two formidable twins players were traded to Tampa to start out the season this year? I'm happy for the Rays. They whole completely deserve to be in the big show. They haven't been an extremely popular team in Tampa...I have a great feeling their ballpark will play host to a few less empty seats next year.

Even though the World Series doesn't include the Twins this year, it's still amazing to see the joy in the faces of all those guys. Yes, that's a tid-bit cheesy and sentimental, but really, in baseball, not a heck of a lot beats making it to the World Series.



  1. Oh no, the only reason I watch baseball is for the hot guys in tight pants. :-)

  2. Yay I love baseball too. And your title made me laugh!

  3. Exactly...I'm just so glad the Red Sox lost!!!

  4. Mandy: GUILTY!

    Cheryl: It's a great line, right?

    Matt: I KNOW!!!!! :)