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Monday, September 15, 2008

Well...I'm Wishing...

A few of my friends tipped me off to a full ride scholarship available to working mothers. It was very easy to apply (almost too easy). All you had to do was log in to their website, fill out a brief questionnaire, and submit an essay about how a full ride online college scholarship would benefit you. I submitted my application on a whim.

I just received the following email:

Dear Project Working Mom Applicant,

We want to thank you for applying for a scholarship to Ashford University . We received an unprecedented number of applications – more than 24,000! All applications are currently under review and we will announce our ten scholarship recipients on September 30, 2008. Thank you again for your interest in Ashford University .

Ashford University the more than 24,000 OTHER applicants vying for this scholarship...could 24,991 of you step aside and leave a spot for me? This would definitely be too good to be true...Should I start holding my breath now, or later?


  1. That sounds wonderful! Here's hoping!

  2. I'm hoping for you too. And hopefully they will give multiple scholarships considering the incredible interest they got.