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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know my wish list is a bit preemptive...But I couldn't wait to write to you to request a few small miracles things.

1)a device that will turn my toddler from a hellion into a good little boy again.

2)patience...since you and I both know that such a device does not exist.

3)a savings account that will allow me to purchase a home for myself and little man.

4)the motivation to keep my house clean, and the laundry put away.

5)companionship...Not from you Santa (although, I think you're a great guy and all...) this is more of an "in general" request. (also, please notice how I didn't say Husband or Boyfriend like I have said in years past...maybe this is a sign that I'm growing up...Maybe it's a sign that I'm alright with a great friend...Whatever it is, I hope you can help out)

6)a winning fantasy football team.

7)strength, both physical and emotional.

I really think I've been a "good girl" this year (if you don't count that one know what I'm talking about...). Nobody's perfect, right? I'm sure I'll be sending you a more updated list soon.

Thanks Santa! Much Love,

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  1. Putting laundry away is one of the toughest tasks EVER. I wonder why that is?