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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Any Suggestions?

Ok...So I outed myself about the second date..and now I need your help. What is a fun and appropriate second date? I am really looking into doing something slightly non-traditional..and with a high amount of fun involved.
A couple of traditional ideas I've come up with:
~Dinner and a movie

I really want to take a trip to the apple orchard...but I would love to reserve something like that for a third date (IF there's a third date...).

Is it bad that I'm hoping there's some sort of drinking involved to help ease any awkwardness of "the goodbye"? I mean, I barely remember the last time I kissed a boy!! I have a nervously excited ball of giddiness in my tummy :)


  1. My favourite dates were always centered around chatting. Going for dinner and drinks. I got to drink which loosened me up and we also got to know each other better.

    What about mini-putt? Too cold?

    I suck at original.

  2. Sky Girl I was JUST about to suggest Mini Golf! Its fun, can be silly while still facilitative of conversation.

  3. I was going to suggest mini-golf too! What about paddle boating, thats off the beaten path but you can still talk and such. Driving ranges can also be fun.

  4. Here's vote number 4 for mini golf. I like bowling too. Or are there any interesting things around, like the zoo or an aquarium? Or any other touristy places around your town that you always think about going, but never do? Good luck...tell us all about it!!

  5. sky- Great ideas!

    notameangirl- good point

    mandy- i'll have to look into that

    andreaunplugged- oooh! the mall of america has an aquarium AND mini golf! I'll have to check with him to see if he's come up with anything...otherwise, that MIGHT be a winner!

  6. Bryant Lake Bowl used to have a cheap date night where you got two dinners, a bottle of wine and bowling/shoes for two. Not sure if they're still doing that, but it was always a favorite. Hope you have a great time! :)

  7. you should check out music and movies in the park at loring park or rent a kayak/canoe at lake calhoun. two of my favorite boy wooing strategies:) plus, they have amazing hot dogs at calhoun.... if your a hot dog fan, that is....