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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Words Really Cannot Describe...

My heart hurts while I am writing this...just thought I should warn you.

This week, while filled with fun and exciting news about my recent rekindled dating life, has been riddled with gut-wrenching news.

I found out on Monday afternoon that a classmate of mine from high school had fallen ill, and had been rushed to the hospital. His diagnosis was bleak. I'll spare you the details, but to sum it up, it was cancer. Tuesday afternoon, a message was posted that he had passed away. I was in shock.

I hadn't spoken with this person in a long time...but I have very fond memories of him. He was the type of guy who loved to argue for the sake of arguing. He would read people's reactions to his words, and fuel his arguments off of their passion. It was equally annoying and entertaining. He had a kind heart that you could see in his eyes. He was far too young to perish.

This afternoon, while sitting in a class, I received an email from little man's daycare with a subject line reading: Important. In this email, I was informed that the three month old baby of little mans's former toddler teacher was found dead in his crib. The second I read this news, I got up from my chair and walked out of the classroom (lucky for me the class had been over for a minute, and people were filling out the class evals, and leaving shortly after). I composed myself, finished my eval, and v-lined for my car so I could let my emotions out.

I am finding myself tear up as I'm writing this. I just wrote out the details of what happened to Cameron, but my moral judgments are deeming them too graphic to post on my blog. If you care to hear the unabridged version, email me and I'll tell you. It really makes no difference how he passed away...the fact remains that a mother is without her baby, a father without his son, and a little boy without his little brother. I can't even begin to understand the void they must all be heart pains for them.

My crying and hysterics this afternoon only lasted for about ten minutes. Once my tears had dried, my mind started racing to figure out what I could do to help out Amy's family. The best I could come up with is to organize a group effort of daycare parents to get together and prepare one-dish meals that can be frozen, and reheated. I just sent out an email to the group, and am waiting for feedback.

I just can't seem to wrap my mind around all of this. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so sad! I'm tearing up and I didn't even know them.

    That poor, poor family.

  2. what an awful day. I'm sorry. It's tragic to hear of two very young lives being lost. I hope those families and friends find strength and comfort from those around them. If you need to talk or anything, call me.

  3. That is the saddest thing ever!! life is absolutely too short! I thank God every day for the blessings tha I have!