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Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Work (or lack thereof)

Ever have a task to complete that feels like it's going to take you FOREVER (be it at the office, or at home).  Call me crazy, but chances are the task will feel like FOREVER because it's something we really don't like doing.  On the flip side, ever find yourself lost in something, all the while a smile is hidden somewhere on your face because, really, it's not THAT bad...

Surprise, people!  Losing yourself in something is simultaneously accomplishing something, otherwise known as WORK.

In the past five (+) years, I've been a person who has been able to say "I love my job."  At times, even though I didn't love my physical "work" tasks, I always had something uber positive about my office environment.  I took a leap of faith, and jumped to a new "company" (read: the University of Minnesota).  Sure, there have been times I've desperately missed my old office environment; the years spent with my coworkers, and the insane amount of professional and personal trust I had built with my former co-workers is irreplaceable.  I've chosen to keep looking forward to the next task, and to more "work."  I will still tell anyone and everyone, when asked of course, I love my job.

So a shout out to you, Work, for giving me something to do on a regularly and consistently.  You've had my back, and I'll do my best to have yours.

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