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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Vote

I, unlike some people, grew up in an environment where politics wasn't spoken about.  Period.  The end.  Even to this day, I'll try to strike up a political conversation with either of my parents, and it's stopped almost dead in it's tracks because that's how they roll.  To their defense (read: to my mom's defense) she was raised in an environment where political discussions because so ugly that fists were literally throw; hence, she decided to never. ever. speak. politics.
I love and respect my mom, although I'll be the first to tell you (and her) that her no talk-stance irritates me because what better person/people to gain insight into the crazy wild world of politics than your parents, I digress.
Today is a huge day for me, as an American and as a Minnesotan.  Today, in Minnesota, not only are we afforded the opportunity to cast our ballots for the next president of the US, but we're also allowed to vote on two hot topics: The Marriage Amendment, and the Voter-ID Amendment.
I have extremely strong beliefs on rejecting the proposed Marriage Amendment (mostly because people I love will and should eventually be able to have same-sex unions recognized by our state, and also because I have yet to find an individual present me with a VALID, SOUND reason for voting yes, I digress).
Honestly, I'm not here to harp about political this that or the other.  What I'm here to say is THANK GOD we have the right to speak our opinions without limitation (arguably to a certain extent).  The freedom of speech rocks, and so does our democratic society which gives us the power to choose (again, to a certain extent).  Shout-out to you, the voters who make an effort to have their voices heard through each and every ballot cast! 

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