Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tomorrow's a Mystery

No more guys. I'm just not going to do it to myself or to little man.

Here's what 2008 gave me:

2 guys that I was very interested in
2 guys that were clearly not interested in me
9 first dates
2 second dates
1 night being stood up
1 man that I shared a very passionate kiss with
Many tears over why I can't establish a decent relationship with a man
1 lost friend
1 new friend
Many shots
A handful of hangovers
1 potty trained toddler

Here's what I know 2009 will bring me:
0 dates
0 passionate kisses
0 times being stood up
1 happy mom
1 happy toddler
Many batteries
Hours of exercising
A possible trip out of state

So bring it on 2009. I'm ready for you.


  1. Stacy, I am very drunk right now and there is a good chance that I wont remember this in the morning so please remind me but you are an amazing young woman and someday you will find a guy who deserves you. Until then, stay strong, enjoy every single day you have with your little man and know that you always have a friend here in OH-IO (is that where you are roadtripping to? Cause that would be totally kick ass!)

    And just for the record the word verification is really mean and discrimintory toward those of us who might be drunk!

  2. Haha my comment got published anyway! Stupid word trickery thing. I totally showed it up and made it my bitch!! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Stacy.

    Dating is tough but you just never know what is around the next corner.

  4. Many batteries. Good idea!

    This is a brave resolution I think, and who knows what will come of it. I just hope you have amazing year!

  5. Stacy, I know the frustration. Whatever happens in this area of your life or any other, I wish you a happy 2009.

  6. Thanks everyone! All y'all are definitely too sweet!!

    I wish you all a fine 2009 :)

  7. I wish you luck on your search! The best advice I can give (for what its worth) stay true to yourself. Make yourself happy and soon things will fall into place! If you want I can recommend a great book that helped me immensly!