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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Little man is growing up before my eyes, and reminding me what life looks like through the eyes of a child. I am very thankful for this, but also a little sad/concerned.

When I remember winters and holiday's from when I was a child, they were filled with fun family gatherings that included aunts, uncles, cousins...the works, really. We always laughed a lot, ate until we were uncomfortable, and went home with smiles on our faces. I don't feel like I have been able to provide little man with the same kind of comforting traditions..which is what makes me sad/concerned.

My family feels like they have grown apart, and only care about their own schedules. I really do love my family, and I am brainstorming a way to bring them back together for the sake of little man. Seeing as I only have one brother who is overseas 95% of the year, little man misses out on his Uncle T. My mom, dad, and aunts who had (up until this year) been the enforcers of getting the family together have decided it's too much work. I just don't get it. If everyone is on board, HOW is it too much work?

I digress.

I think you'd all be proud of me. I actually approached my mom about my concerns..and for once, I think she actually listened. In my heart, I know she heard the sadness and frustrations in my voice; towards how I feel our family has shifted from a unit, to a bunch of individuals. I guess time will tell if she acts on it, or if she sweeps it under the rug.

SO....instead of sitting at home (alone) and crying over my family sucking at life, I've decided to take measures into my own hands. This year, I'm throwing a Family Festivus party!!

I live in an apartment. It's decent, but not a house. There's not a fenced-in backyard where the kids can go outside to play. There's not a huge kitchen, or a living room AND a family room...there's just a living room (with 2 three-person couches, two rocking chairs, and a two-person love seat), a bathroom, and two bedrooms. I think there will be enough room for seating...I'm only concerned about the kids not having enough space to stretch their legs. If everyone shows up, there will be:
three toddlers
two seven year olds
13 adults
Yup, you read that will be a FULL house.

I still haven't decided on an appropriate menu, but I'm thinking I'll for SURE make this AMAZING a spinach-artichoke heart stuffed croissant (it truly is to die for).

Does anyone have any simple yet impressive suggestions for my menu?

My family has been notorious for boozing it up...while I'll provide wine, I THINK that will be the only alcoholic choice....maybe spiked egg nog too...but I've never experienced that before, so I wouldn't even know where to begin!

I guess I have to go and research Festivus now, cuz dammit, I don't want to get it wrong (and if it's a huge success, maybe it will be a yearly thing!!).


I just looked up Festivus...and I'm not sure if my gathering will stick to the script...However, it would be a RIOT to tell my family how much they've disappointed me this past


  1. Ohhh FUN!!! Good for you for taking the situation into your own hands. As for a menu -- you could do chicken salad or even just a meat and cheese tray and have buns. I have a few different recipes for taco dips -- one thats made in a crockpot and another one that is a cold one. Ohh and hashbrown casserole. Do you read RebeccaC's bloge over at scroll thru her archives she has some awesome recipes. Email me if you want the other recipes. Quick and easy, doesn't require much clean up--thats what I go for when having a party! :-)

  2. Good for you, maybe you can take over the job of getting everyone together each year. Hosting is so much fun! I love the way my house feels after everyone has left, full of silent energy. Anyway, I am the queen of easy recipes. I have one for sweet potato casserole (no marshmellows--pecans!) and I also have a recipe for to die for brownies. Both are made from scratch, but are so easy. You can email me if you'd like them. Have fun!

  3. I'm not sure where you live but if there is a Trader Joe's nearby you should check it out. They have great food, some of it easy to make and it's not expensive. Also, you must post the recipe for those croissants. Also, Festivus cookies.

  4. Fun! I just got this food newsletter thing with "quick and healthy appetizers."

    And ditto the Trader Joe's suggestion. Hope the party's great!

  5. I'm going to need the recipe for that spinach and artichoke stuffed croissant. Or whatever it was. Because... yum.

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