Some days are great, others are not...but no matter what twists and turns I encounter, you can be sure I'm going to write about it!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A new years resolution you ask? Not gonna happen. Instead, I'm making a commitment to myself that I have YET to keep. Getting in shape. Yes, I've spoke of this hardship before, but now I have more reason to take myself seriously. I'm going to have to get into a dress in front of a bunch of people I know and don't know...I'm honored, and excited..but as of today, I would totally be the fat girl of the bunch.

This just won't do.

SO...aside from eating pizza THREE TIMES THIS WEEK (for the LOVE OF GOD!), I've started wearing a little green bracelet thing to visually remind me that I'm in it to win it.

My most daunting test is maintaining my "positive" attitude through that "time of the month" and what the hell do ya know..that time of the month hit me today (Thanks mother nature, eff you too!). If I still have a positive attitude at this point in the game, consider this mama!

What's this chick doing on new years eve? Nothing.

Maybe my lackadaisical attitude can be attributed to pms, yes...most likely. I just don't feel mentally rested to deal with bar crowds, or presenting myself in a positive light in front of people I barely know. Meh, no harm no foul!!

Bring on the Fillet Mignon and Crab Legs bizzos! If I'm gonna celebrate NYE solo, at least I'll do it in STYLE! :)


  1. Good for you Stacy! I am vowing to get into shape too. I have been working on it but need to step it up.

    I think your NYE plans sound fantastic!

  2. I'm not drinking in January. And going back to the gym. It's hard to go at certain points in the month, but afterward, you'll feel better...i swear.

  3. I was going to suggest super tasty food on NYE. My parents always do lobster tails and steak together at home.
    i would far as food goes...also don't deprive yourself. One, life is too short; two, you'll just binge at some point (we ALL do). I really like these 71% cacao dark chocolate bars they have at Trader Joes right now. They're not that expensive, and just a few little squares really hits the spot (I swear, and I have a HUGE sweet tooth.)